Les Miserables Experience

Les Miserables: The Feels and Tears

The Book:

I haven’t read the book yet because I’m still searching for the perfect book cover. I know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but this is important to me(please don’t judge me!). But I know the gist of it and most of the characters’ names. I’m also on the hunt for a very old copy of the book.

The Movie: 

The first time I saw Les Mis was back in high school. I got permission from my mother to skip my afternoon classes so I can go with my sister and watch the premiere of Les Miserables. My sister’s college (which is also my college now) hosted a premiere night of Les Mis. Invite everyone, they said. So mom and I sat with other strangers who are most likely friends and families of the students of the college. I sat through the whole movie, tried not to cry during Eponine’s death and Valjean’s death and fantasized Enjolras. After that, I have rewatched Les Mis countless of times and secretly judging my friends who haven’t watched it. I also felt really proud when my friend asked me to narrate the story for him for his class. I had no idea that Hugh Jackman can sing so let me say that he did a terrific job! I love you so much Jean Valjean! The cast was a great ensemble and they all portrayed their characters very well, (hello Thenardiers!) It was such a great movie that it’s one of my top 5 favorite musicals. The movie is quite long but so worth your time.

The Musical:

As a big fan of Les Mis, the moment I heard they were going to perform here in Manila, I was off the roof! Everytime I see their billboard, I would yell and I’d get scolded for surprising my mom while driving. No question, I HAD to go. So I go with my sister and best friend. Courtesy of my papa of course. It was truly a night to remember. All the feels and tears. The ticket price is definitely worth it. We were also very lucky because they were on their last week and they just extended it! I finished my 10pack Instax films in one night. The cast, oh my god, I wish I was up there with them, belting out my rendition of On My Own, my favorite song tied with One Day More. Les Miserables is my number one favorite musical of all time. The actors and actresses were the perfect cast, I especially took a liking to the actress that played my favorite character, Eponine. She was played by Kerrie Anne Greenland and she has her own album. Gosh, she’s one of the best!!


This was the second international stage musical I have watched, the first one is Singin’ in the Rain and I am madly in love with them both. I also had to hold my tears while watching the tearjerker parts because that’s how good they were but I secretly cried during One Day More. There was also one Filipino actress who played a major character in the musical and can I just say that Rachel Ann Go just raised the bar.

I got my love for Les Miserables when I first watched the movie then add my obsession with Lea Salonga and the rest is history!!! If there’s a musical I could watch everyday without getting tired of it, it would be definitely this.


-My sister and I bought Official Les Miserables shirt with Cosette’s face on it. Fangirl time!

-My seatmate during the play was very obnoxious! She was chatting on viber during the play and the light was blinding I even had to cover the right side of my face and I was just beyond shocked on how rude she was.

-We met one of my childhood bestfriends and her family on the same night! Amazing!

-I had a major exam the next day at 7am and the play ended at 11pm and I went to bed at 2am.

-I stalked all the casts’ instagram accounts and fangirled at all the photos backstage.

FINAL GRADE: 10/10!!!