Holiday in the Sun aka Club Punta Fuego

I clearly don’t know my priorities because instead of cleaning up my dog’s mess in my room, I’m typing this post while listening to Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett. I am in the middle of writing a blog post but in the meantime, I’m going to share photos and anecdotes from my Punta Fuego trip.

IMG_6806 copy

The infamous Taal lake. It’s a lake inside a mountain within a lake. I’m not really sure if that’s correct so it’s best if you google it hahaha!

This was right outside the front office of Punta Fuego. They have swanky amenities and I felt like an Olsen twin from their movies like Holiday in the Sun or When in Rome.

IMG_1718 copy

Punta Fuego means ‘point of fire’.IMG_8410 copy

I am so thankful for the sunny weather. I am also thankful I wore a cool outfit.

IMG_5816 copy

We stayed in Club Punta Fuego for approximately 24 hours. We left home on a Sunday morning then returned on Monday afternoon. Punta Fuego was the sole reason I had to be absent on my first day of internship. My mom told me to ask my boss if I could come in on Tuesday ahahahha!

IMG_4558 copy

IMG_5297 copy

My parents enjoying the breeze and the peace. They’re sitting below a tree that produced fruits and they’re just picking from it.

IMG_4075 copy

IMG_1812 copy

What I love about Punta Fuego is that you get the best of both worlds. I am in love with their infinity pool that overlooks the sea. The waves were really strong and no one was swimming and there are also cargo ships.

IMG_1560 copy

Before all this, I had a face allergy from my skin medication so my face was stinging every time it got hit by the saltwater. I was literally running up the stony stairs so I could wash my face. Y I K E S.

IMG_6791 copy

so that’s why they’re called infinity pools…

IMG_5941 copy

IMG_0567 copy

IMG_6943 copy

I really like Punta Fuego because it’s very private and I didn’t have to deal with obnoxious people ahhahaahahIMG_9053