The Swan, The Fairy, & The Princess

Here’s a secret: I used to dream that I was a ballerina. I am in love with the twirls, pirouettes and the tutus. Unfortunately, I do not have the grace nor patience to be a ballerina and I think I’m 15 years too late!

I was ecstatic when my friend Cali invited me to watch Ballet Manila’s The Swan, The Fairy, & The Princess. The ticket was free and it was courtesy of Ate Krissy, she is Krissyfied in the Internet world. Thank you so much!!!!!

Source: Theater Fans Manila and Ballet Manila

I was given a ‘Media’ lanyard and I felt so cool and in-charge hahahahah. I was seated in the left side, silver area and we were asked to move to the middle because the theater wasn’t full so now I’ve got the best seat in the house, the vantage point. I also made friends with a girl and her mother. Hello!

I may have the best seat but sadly I don’t have the greatest skill at taking photos hahahah

The ballet started and everyone did a fantastic job! I’m not a ballet master so I didn’t know if they made mistakes or not and it doesn’t matter because they were so graceful and amazing and perfect! The ballet consisted of Tchaikovsky’s most famous ballets. I am in love with the costumes and the male leads were also fantastic! I also learned that Sugar Plum Fairy’s name isn’t Claira (Claira was from the Barbie movie), and that Prince Philip isn’t the name of Aurora’s prince, it’s actually Desiree.

The ballet had four acts with Tchaikovsky narrating in between. ‘Tchaikovsky’ is telling the story while giving fun facts about the ballet. I am familiar with the music and the ballet routine because of my love for Barbie. They played Swan Lake and the Nutcracker. I saw them first both from Barbie movies. The Princess part is Sleeping Beauty. I’m sure that the story by Charles Perrault came first before the ballet. I think it was the inspiration for the ballet. It was cool! They also have their ‘Maleficent’ and that fight scene with thorns. They played the music that brought back memories of my ballerina dreamin’ and Barbie obsession. I especially loved the Dance of the Swans and Once Upon A Dream. The live orchestra was simply extraordinary. Although I’m not sure if the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy part was live.


There were also animals like a bunny or a cat maybe? that I was not aware of and Red Riding Hood as well. It has been an amazing show and watching it ‘culturized’ me ahahahhaha. The people in it and behind it did a fantastic job!! Ballet experts and teachers behind me, (Lisa Macuja was sitting behind me!! Eeeep!!) were shouting, ‘Bravo!’ and clapping so hard. So they were really that great!

After the ballet, our tickets came with free Star City ride-all-you-can tickets. So we went inside and everything else was too fun to remember. ahahhahaha

Thank you so much again to Ate Krissy for the tickets and my friend Cali, for the invite and the rest of my friends!

*the poster isn’t mine and I give full credit to Ballet Manila and Theater Fans Manila.