Les Miserables Experience

Les Miserables: The Feels and Tears

The Book:

I haven’t read the book yet because I’m still searching for the perfect book cover. I know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but this is important to me(please don’t judge me!). But I know the gist of it and most of the characters’ names. I’m also on the hunt for a very old copy of the book.

The Movie: 

The first time I saw Les Mis was back in high school. I got permission from my mother to skip my afternoon classes so I can go with my sister and watch the premiere of Les Miserables. My sister’s college (which is also my college now) hosted a premiere night of Les Mis. Invite everyone, they said. So mom and I sat with other strangers who are most likely friends and families of the students of the college. I sat through the whole movie, tried not to cry during Eponine’s death and Valjean’s death and fantasized Enjolras. After that, I have rewatched Les Mis countless of times and secretly judging my friends who haven’t watched it. I also felt really proud when my friend asked me to narrate the story for him for his class. I had no idea that Hugh Jackman can sing so let me say that he did a terrific job! I love you so much Jean Valjean! The cast was a great ensemble and they all portrayed their characters very well, (hello Thenardiers!) It was such a great movie that it’s one of my top 5 favorite musicals. The movie is quite long but so worth your time.

The Musical:

As a big fan of Les Mis, the moment I heard they were going to perform here in Manila, I was off the roof! Everytime I see their billboard, I would yell and I’d get scolded for surprising my mom while driving. No question, I HAD to go. So I go with my sister and best friend. Courtesy of my papa of course. It was truly a night to remember. All the feels and tears. The ticket price is definitely worth it. We were also very lucky because they were on their last week and they just extended it! I finished my 10pack Instax films in one night. The cast, oh my god, I wish I was up there with them, belting out my rendition of On My Own, my favorite song tied with One Day More. Les Miserables is my number one favorite musical of all time. The actors and actresses were the perfect cast, I especially took a liking to the actress that played my favorite character, Eponine. She was played by Kerrie Anne Greenland and she has her own album. Gosh, she’s one of the best!!


This was the second international stage musical I have watched, the first one is Singin’ in the Rain and I am madly in love with them both. I also had to hold my tears while watching the tearjerker parts because that’s how good they were but I secretly cried during One Day More. There was also one Filipino actress who played a major character in the musical and can I just say that Rachel Ann Go just raised the bar.

I got my love for Les Miserables when I first watched the movie then add my obsession with Lea Salonga and the rest is history!!! If there’s a musical I could watch everyday without getting tired of it, it would be definitely this.


-My sister and I bought Official Les Miserables shirt with Cosette’s face on it. Fangirl time!

-My seatmate during the play was very obnoxious! She was chatting on viber during the play and the light was blinding I even had to cover the right side of my face and I was just beyond shocked on how rude she was.

-We met one of my childhood bestfriends and her family on the same night! Amazing!

-I had a major exam the next day at 7am and the play ended at 11pm and I went to bed at 2am.

-I stalked all the casts’ instagram accounts and fangirled at all the photos backstage.

FINAL GRADE: 10/10!!!


A Letter To My Best Friend

A letter to my best friend

to my best friend, the person that loves me even if I’m so hard to love, that person who always seem to know my mood even with just the sentences I use, that person who will always support my dreams no matter how ridiculous they may sound, that person who never fails to make me laugh with her corny jokes or failed attempts in puns. I thank God everyday for a best friend like you, not everyone in this earth has a friend like you. We may only see each other for thrice a year but every second spent in those days were worth it, fun, and something I will always remember and treasure forever. High school may not be completely great but you made it tolerable, fun, memorable and magical. I go through all my phases, you were still there. I might make bad decisions but you’re always there with your arms wide open, not having to say ‘I told you so!’. One of the few people who understand my deep hatred for mayonnaise, my quirks, my weird dreams, and my random outbursts.

We first met when we were in kinder and I couldn’t remember much then but I knew you weren’t my best friend yet, then we’re in 1st grade, you had  a different best friend, I had my own. Then thank God, fourth grade! One of my favorite year. You are now officially and finally my best friend!! Along with our two other best friends. God!!! Just thinking about that year is enough to make my heart melt and make me laugh uncontrollably. It was also that moment I knew that I am gonna have a friend for life. You are both my best friend, my sister, my mother, my cousin, my consultant, the only person whose opinions I care about and the only one I can tell my super humiliating secrets to.

the quality is so bad because I just saved it off from Facebook

Life may not always be peachy and you may sometimes find yourself down in the dumps but I want you to know that wherever you are, if you ever need my company, I will always try to be there for you. You are one of the very few people I truly love and trust. My wish for you is to be really happy and to enjoy life. Go have adventures! You’ve gone through so many obstacles (which you find so petty, but they’re not!) and I’m so proud of the woman I’m seeing. You’ve grown to be an amazing person, even sometimes I may not be there to witness it, and I know you’re gonna do great to the world. Life knocks you down and you may sometimes spend your days lying on your bed, crying about it. But do you know what I truly adore from all of it? You choose to stand up. To think of the best things in life. You are so filled with love and nothing and no one can take that away from you. I wish you’d know how much I truly love you. And how you brighten up everyone’s lives.

I’ll tell you this, my life is so much better when you’re in it. I’m sorry for all the people who couldn’t see your worth. And you are also so much better off without them. I hope you know how wonderful you are. I look at you and I see innocence, pure love and hope. Everytime I have a problem I run to you because your mere presence or your simple reply makes my whole day. You understand me like no other. You understand me better than my mother. You have seen my worst days, my flaws, my mood swings and you chose to love me despite it all. I am truly blessed to be loved by someone like you. I wish everyone could experience your love.

I wish that I could make life so amazing for you. I can’t wait for us to go on adventures and see the world together. To reach milestones with each other. I’m sorry if I’m not always present in all of these but I will make it up to you when we’re both working girls na. I wish you would cry after reading this. The only tears that I like seeing are your tears of joy. After that, go ahead and infect everyone with your marvelousness. I love you so much!

How To Make the Most Out of your Buffet!

I’m sure that most of you have tried eating at a buffet restaurant and we usually do it when it’s someone’s birthday. For the past month I went to two buffet restaurants and figured, why don’t I share the secret to success? By success I mean, eating a lot of good food without wanting to throw up or defecate. And for making your money worth it. (I’ve ask a few people to give me their best kept secret to enjoying a buffet dinner/lunch).

1. Don’t eat before the buffet dinner!!! It was my sister’s birthday and we have a reservation at a buffet restaurant at 5pm, but it was only 3 and we were starving. So we go order mac n cheese from Shrimp Shack (you gotta try that one!!) and well, I regretted it because I couldn’t fully appreciate the buffet table. If you’re gonna eat dinner buffet, don’t starve yourself, but a little snack can help.

2. Stock up on meat not rice!!! if your buffet table is asian, then rice is definitely gonna be present. I always get rice on my plate even if it’s just a small portion but sometimes I take pasta too but it’s okay because they serve it in small portions too.

3. Try to eat a buffet where they serve your favorite cuisine. Buffets nowadays serve everything so there shouldn’t be a problem here but if Japanese cuisine isn’t your thing and you’re going to eat at a Japanese buffet then get ready to be adventurous!

4. Don’t have leftovers because hello!! They’re food!!! Food is a luxury denied to many and here you are stuffing your plate with food you most likely wouldn’t eat. So think before you scoop. Also most buffet restaurants have a leftover charge.

5. Research online and find discount tickets on buffet restaurants! I do this all the time and normally their prices are slashed to a half. Here are my trusted sites: metrodeal and ensogo.

6. Bring your ID or birth certificate if you’re a birthday celebrant so you can avail the birthday celebrant free buffet lunch/dinner. I went to a joint birthday buffet celebration and I forgot to bring any identification card or certificate and they refused to accept a picture of my ID, so then my best friend’s mom have to pay for me. Oops.

7. Try to stay away from carbs like bread and potatoes and cut down on soup and starches – Anton, 17

8. Alternate different contrasting flavours to avoid turning your appetite – Anton again, 17

9. Don’t drink too much water because you’ll easily feel full – Adam, 18

10. Try a bit of everything you like, if you see something you haven’t tried before, try it, you might like it! -Kelly, 19

11. Go for the food that usually costs a lot like sushi or steak -Kelly, 19 <- MY FAVE TIP

12. Don’t be embarrassed! -Adam, 18

13. Sashimi is best with no rice! -Paul, 19

14. Eat quickly. The longer you take to eat, the fuller your stomach starts to feel. – Cali, 25

15. Get food in small portions and section by section so you won’t get overwhelmed quickly. -Kelly, 19


I LOVE BUFFETS!!!! Do you have a tip when going to a buffet dinner?  Comment below!

Commuting Tips!


Almost everyone I know knows how to commute. But sometimes little hacks here and there makes our everyday commute tolerable. I have tried commuting via bus, jeepney, tricycle, pedicab, MRT/LRT, that’s Light/Metro Rail Transit (it’s kind of like an above ground subway, a very faulty subway),  and any public utility vehicle. And it always put me in a cranky mood and it never gives me the privacy for sleeping. So here are tips I gathered from my own experiences and from people who have no choice but to commute:

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Boracay, Aklan

Summer has got to be my favorite season and in my country there are only two seasons and that are sunny and rainy. Sunny, it is! When summer ends people instantly knew that I went to the beach. Okay, okay they knew about it because I have my own photo album in Facebook. You see, my father originally came from Aklan, where the infamous Boracay is located. I don’t have to introduce it to you since everyone knows about it. But every year when I was in high school till now, we always go there during the summer. It has become a yearly tradition that just thinking about missing the trip would make me feel incomplete. I was the Beach Baby and now the Island Girl.

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