Why You Should Buy from Thrift Stores or ‘Ukay-Ukay’!!

I love thrift shopping! I can’t remember the first time I went thrift shopping but I do remember coming home with two bags full of clothes. I don’t know why I’m so drawn to used, preloved, second hand clothing. Is it because it screamed retro at me? It’s probably the feeling of coming home to a bag full of clothes that fits my taste and my wallet.


For all my thrift trips I have come home with a maroon corduroy pinafore dress that only costs P65 while buying it from an Instagram shop would cost me P600. I have two original Levi’s pants that is a bit big for me so I use it like mom jeans. I have a denim dress that I decorated with patches. See the endless possibilities with thrift shops? Recently, I told my friends about the thrift shops that littered in a mall where my mom usually parks her car. It’s a big far from our school but if you’re willing to walk for 15-20 minutes then it’s no problem. I’ve been going to those thrift shops back in high school and at first I wouldn’t tell anyone that my clothes were from ukay-ukay. But I realized I should flaunt them because I got it at a low price and it’s gorgeous and I simply must share the good news.


Also those clothes from thrift shops are too good to be true. Like the aforementioned Levi’s. They are original and they fit me so perfectly. It’s like waiting for me to buy it. But not everything from a thrift shop is still wearable. If you ever find yourself inside a thrift store, remember to check for holes, loose threads and hard-to-remove stains. If it has one of the three choices, put them back on the rack. (unless that’s what you’re looking for) or if it can still be repaired. Don’t be afraid to ask for a lower price. Sometimes they sell things at P100 and that’s already expensive when all the other clothes are being sold for P25. Try it on before buying unless you’re asthmatic or a germaphobe. After purchasing these thrift shop treasures, be sure to boil the hell out of them to remove any germs, stains and the smell. Then wash it as you would normally wash your laundry. You can find so many good stuff in Ukay-ukay at such a reasonable price. I don’t usually see velvet article of clothing in department stores but in ukay-ukays there would be heap waiting to be sold. Quality is also one of the things I adore from ukay-ukay clothes. They might be second-hand but that also means it survived one person and it could serve another.


Now why should we REALLY buy from thrift stores? My most favorite reason is because you’re recycling! The clothes being sold are either two years old or much older. You’re basically reusing the previous owner’s clothes. (it doesn’t sound that bad, I promise!) and when you recycle clothes, you are saving the earth from textiles filling dumpsites. You’d also not be contributing to companies who have no regard for the environment. One thing I’ve been telling family and friends is don’t buy into fast fashion. They always have new trends every week and where do those textiles go? Yes, our poor Earth. Also, most of the clothes being sold in those fast fashion stores easily wear out and you’d be discarding them after 6 wears. And they do not support human/labor rights. Enough reason not to buy into fast fashion? If you want to dig deeper into the world of Fast Fashion, check out this article that ignited a fire in me. And also check out this Instagram, she inspired me not to be a slave of fast fashion.

And thrift shops are good for your pocket. Need I say more about my Levi’s?!? thrift shopping is also a good form of bonding. The first time my friends and I went thrift shopping, we looked like a school trip taking a detour. Everyone came home happy with their purchase.

Most of my clothes from thrift stores are big for me so we always have it altered. If you like what you see, get it, have it altered/repaired, wash and clean it and wear it with pride. I have one last tip for thrift shopping: if they say they have new arrivals, it means the prices aren’t going to be lower. It’ll be P180 and above.

I hope this inspires you to go hoard clothes in your nearest thrift store and not to be brainwashed by fast fashion companies. Have fun!


How To Make the Most Out of your Buffet!

I’m sure that most of you have tried eating at a buffet restaurant and we usually do it when it’s someone’s birthday. For the past month I went to two buffet restaurants and figured, why don’t I share the secret to success? By success I mean, eating a lot of good food without wanting to throw up or defecate. And for making your money worth it. (I’ve ask a few people to give me their best kept secret to enjoying a buffet dinner/lunch).

1. Don’t eat before the buffet dinner!!! It was my sister’s birthday and we have a reservation at a buffet restaurant at 5pm, but it was only 3 and we were starving. So we go order mac n cheese from Shrimp Shack (you gotta try that one!!) and well, I regretted it because I couldn’t fully appreciate the buffet table. If you’re gonna eat dinner buffet, don’t starve yourself, but a little snack can help.

2. Stock up on meat not rice!!! if your buffet table is asian, then rice is definitely gonna be present. I always get rice on my plate even if it’s just a small portion but sometimes I take pasta too but it’s okay because they serve it in small portions too.

3. Try to eat a buffet where they serve your favorite cuisine. Buffets nowadays serve everything so there shouldn’t be a problem here but if Japanese cuisine isn’t your thing and you’re going to eat at a Japanese buffet then get ready to be adventurous!

4. Don’t have leftovers because hello!! They’re food!!! Food is a luxury denied to many and here you are stuffing your plate with food you most likely wouldn’t eat. So think before you scoop. Also most buffet restaurants have a leftover charge.

5. Research online and find discount tickets on buffet restaurants! I do this all the time and normally their prices are slashed to a half. Here are my trusted sites: metrodeal and ensogo.

6. Bring your ID or birth certificate if you’re a birthday celebrant so you can avail the birthday celebrant free buffet lunch/dinner. I went to a joint birthday buffet celebration and I forgot to bring any identification card or certificate and they refused to accept a picture of my ID, so then my best friend’s mom have to pay for me. Oops.

7. Try to stay away from carbs like bread and potatoes and cut down on soup and starches – Anton, 17

8. Alternate different contrasting flavours to avoid turning your appetite – Anton again, 17

9. Don’t drink too much water because you’ll easily feel full – Adam, 18

10. Try a bit of everything you like, if you see something you haven’t tried before, try it, you might like it! -Kelly, 19

11. Go for the food that usually costs a lot like sushi or steak -Kelly, 19 <- MY FAVE TIP

12. Don’t be embarrassed! -Adam, 18

13. Sashimi is best with no rice! -Paul, 19

14. Eat quickly. The longer you take to eat, the fuller your stomach starts to feel. – Cali, 25

15. Get food in small portions and section by section so you won’t get overwhelmed quickly. -Kelly, 19


I LOVE BUFFETS!!!! Do you have a tip when going to a buffet dinner?  Comment below!