Commuting Tips!


Almost everyone I know knows how to commute. But sometimes little hacks here and there makes our everyday commute tolerable. I have tried commuting via bus, jeepney, tricycle, pedicab, MRT/LRT, that’s Light/Metro Rail Transit (it’s kind of like an above ground subway, a very faulty subway),  and any public utility vehicle. And it always put me in a cranky mood and it never gives me the privacy for sleeping. So here are tips I gathered from my own experiences and from people who have no choice but to commute:

Commuting Tips from Alli, 18:

‘Okay, Tip #1, Don’t, Can’t, Won’t!’

‘If you have extra money, use it on Uber or Grab!’

‘Don’t commute at night, psychos everywhere!!’


Commuting Tips from Kelly, 18:

‘Prepare your pamasahe beforehand and put it in your pockets.’

‘Pay right away when you board the bus, jeep or tricycle, don’t bother waiting.’

‘Try to avoid making eye contact with potentially hostile assholes who will take it the wrong way!’


Commuting Tips from Cali, 25:

‘Act like you know what you’re doing and do not look lost.’

‘If you commute often, carry a pepper spray with you!’

‘Invest in a good mask.’

‘Think you’re going the wrong way? Go the wrong way with confidence!’

‘Google the shit out of the routes you need beforehand!’

‘Don’t zone out, listen to music but be alert!!!’ <- I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!


Commuting Tips from Trincy, 18:

‘Don’t take the taxi! Sometimes it’s more fun to hustle and bustle.’


Commuting Tips from Me, 18:

‘Abuse the student discount everywhere!’

‘Always remember the plate number of a taxi or tricycle and text it to a friend or family member.’

‘If your seatmate is suspicious, get off the vehicle immediately!’

‘Trust no man or woman.’

‘If you’re going to sleep, it’s better if your companion is awake, vice versa.’


Commuting Tips from Paul, 19:

‘As long as you have money you won’t get lost’

‘Don’t be afraid to ask for directions.’

‘Using Google Maps can also be helpful!’

‘Don’t be reluctant to scream for help if needed!’


Commuting Tips from Criza, 19:

‘Learn to ask, don’t be shy. Don’t be satisfied from just asking once, keep on asking.’

‘If you’re going to ride a jeep/tricycle/taxi, tell the driver where your destination is if he’s not familiar with the place, give landmarks.’


Commuting Tips from Kaycee, 19:

‘Get the taxi’s plate number and text to a friend!’

‘If getting on a taxi, sit at the back not next to the driver!!’

‘If the taxi driver is chatty, don’t give him personal information.’

‘Pay exact amount shown in the meter because when you pay with bigger bills, there’s usually no change.’


Commuting Tips from Fatima21:

‘Don’t be a fool!’


These tips are for your safety and to have the most convenient trip ever. These will also help you think wisely when problems arise so if you have more commuting tips, send it in the comment box below! 🙂


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